7 guests injured after tree branch fell on them at San Antonio Zoo

7 guests injured after tree branch fell on them at San Antonio Zoo

The branch broke “unexpectedly” and fell on guests on Wednesday afternoon.

Seven people were hospitalized after a tree branch fell on them at a Texas zoo, according to the San Antonio Fire Department.

The branch broke “unexpectedly” and fell on guests at the San Antonio Zoo on Wednesday afternoon, the zoo confirmed.

According to the fire service, one of the injured guests was classified as “care level 1” while the other injured guests were taken to hospital as a precaution.

The zoo’s security and rescue service staff responded quickly and began treating the injured guests, according to the zoo.

San Antonio police and fire departments responded to the scene within minutes, zoo officials said.

A tree fell at the San Antonio Zoo in San Antonio, Texas on March 15, 2023, injuring guests. Seven people were hospitalized.


The condition of the injured guests is currently unknown.

Several incidents happened at the Dallas Zoo earlier this year, including a damaged animal enclosure, missing monkeys and an “unusual” death.

Additionally, Dallas Zoo officials said a clouded leopard named Nova escaped from its enclosure after its fence was “deliberately cut through” on January 13.

Zoo officials also discovered an endangered vulture dead in its habitat on January 21 and said its death did not occur naturally and was “unusual”.

Two of the Dallas Zoo’s emperor tamarin monkeys have been discovered missing from their habitat, which the zoo said had been “deliberately compromised.”

Last month, the Dallas Police Department arrested Davion Irvin – a man they wanted to speak to about the missing tamarind monkeys – in connection with the theft of the two animals and charged him with six counts of animal cruelty.

ABC News’ Meredith Deliso contributed to this report.