Magnolia Estimating Brings Efficiency To The Roofing Industry

Magnolia Estimating Brings Efficiency To The Roofing Industry
Magnolia Estimating Brings Efficiency To The Roofing Industry


Published on March 14, 2023

Magnolia Estimating, a roof supplement and estimation services company, has just released an updated version of its member app. The new app is designed to streamline and modernize the roofing industry, making it easier for roofers to complete tedious tasks like insurance supplements and estimates.

Alpharetta, GA – Magnolia Estimating, an umbrella supplement and estimation services company, has launched the latest version of its member app on both the Apple Store and Google Play. Roofing completion, estimation and document creation are simplified and streamlined with their cloud-based system and new app that will revolutionize the roofing industry. With the app, Magnolia Estimating aims to provide a fully customized solution that allows roofing contractors and their teams to make inquiries, upload photos and documents, or share valuable information from the job site.

“Our goal is to increase efficiency while providing fully customized supplements and estimates. Imagine if we were your very dedicated back office, but you pooled that cost with other roofers,” said Hillary Zeh, Founder and CEO of Magnolia Estimating. “With the Magnolia Member App, our members can quickly and easily submit requests, upload photos and documents from the jobsite, and collect valuable information from their team on site.”

The member app is available on iPhone, iPad and Android, allowing users to access the app on the go. The app’s smart forms and customizability allow it to meet each member’s unique needs, making the roof estimation process seamless and fast. “We create estimates for the specific roof systems you are installing and add any additional items that are unique to that roof,” Zeh said.

Magnolia’s latest offering is an instant roof estimation service. Members simply submit an in-app form to request a fully customized roof replacement estimate, sent to their email address in seconds! “These aren’t cookie cutter estimates,” Zeh explains. “We deliver fully branded, custom, roof specific estimates in seconds! Additional non-umbrella items, deposit requirements, and custom notes can also be added.

Magnolia Estimating was originally developed to assist contractors with their roofing supplement and insurance estimation needs. However, its founder’s background in construction and operations software enabled the company to continue to expand by creating an innovative cloud and app-based system. “We’re excited to offer our members a system that streamlines their workflows, saves them time and maximizes their profits. We pride ourselves on offering a combination of old-fashioned customer service and cutting-edge technology,” said Zeh.

About Estimating Magnolia:

Magnolia Estimating is a roofing supplement and appraisal services company created to support busy contractors who don’t have time for tedious tasks like roofing estimates, insurance supplements, and preparing final insurance paperwork. It has grown to offer more appraisal services, like truly innovative appraisal services at a fair price.

Led by Founder and CEO Hillary Zeh, Magnolia has developed a cloud-based system and field app that is already transforming the roof estimation and supplementation process for members. When asked if she could follow in the footsteps of her late father, a software engineer who revolutionized housing by creating his operating software, she replied, “I know he’s watching over me and this business somewhere, and he’s smiling. ”

Zeh clearly intends to keep innovating, improving processes and releasing new services. With a focus on combining old-fashioned customer service with cutting-edge technology, Magnolia appears to have a bright future in the roofing and structural engineering industries.

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Magnolia Estimating Brings Efficiency To The Roofing Industry