Latest roofing designs in Kenya for a bungalow or mansionette

Latest roofing designs in Kenya for a bungalow or mansionette

What comes to mind when you think of the roof of your home? The main purpose of the roof in a house is to protect your home from the outside world. The top, together with the walls of your home, forms a strong barrier against rain, ice, hail, tree branches, debris and even extreme cold. Therefore, the mason should build this part of your house perfectly. In addition to being a protective element of the roof, it adds to the overall aesthetics of your home. So before you decide on the latest roof designs in Kenya, you should consider several factors including the attractiveness of your masterpiece. Which roof design suits you?

A homemade house, before and after. Photo: Peter Cade
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You will be surprised at the variety of roofing options. If you want to provide a protective shade for the upper area of ​​your home, then there is also the ability to display, and both must be perfect. Many were divided on which design to go for. To your relief, you can easily understand the difference between the different styles available and why you should choose one and abandon the other. And all you need to do is take a look at Kenya’s different modern roofing styles.

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The latest roof designs in Kenya for different houses

The final piece of the architectural masterpiece of an elegant home is the roof. A bad design takes all the shine out of the magnificent house design. That’s why this protective part of the house should look great. But how does one do it? In Kenya, there are numerous modern roofing styles that you can choose from when building a house.

1. Gable roof

Roof constructions in Kenyagable roof construction. Photo: @Anthony Zamora
Source: UGC

If you are on a tight budget then this is the design for you as it is one of the cheapest roof designs in Kenya. Because of its ease of installation, it is the most common design that many homeowners use. How does it look?

The design features two sloping sides at the top, forming the most prominent part of the roof, creating a triangular shape. Many also love gabled roofs because they provide ample space for ventilation and even give the homeowner the option of adding a dormer window. The dormer offers additional living space.

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The pitched roof comes into its own when the house is rectangular. A perfect example is a school classroom.

2. Hipped roof construction

The construction with a hip roof is a bit similar to the gable construction, but all slides are inclined downwards towards the house walls. All sides of the roof meet at the top and form a ridge at the top. The good thing about this design is that it is durable as it has four sides to resist external forces. It is one of the most popular bungalow roof designs in Kenya.

3. Flat roof construction

Roof constructions in KenyaFlat roof design for a modern house. Photo: @Kerala Home Design
Source: UGC

A flat roof is something simple and does not require anything special. This futuristic design was once only found in commercial and industrial buildings, but is now common in residential construction as well.

Although the roof is said to be flat, it slopes slightly to allow water to drain away when it rains. Unfortunately, a flat roof may be less durable than the gabled and hipped construction. The soft top needs regular maintenance to ensure it is in excellent condition.

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The flat roof construction allows you to use the space to create a recreation area for hosting family events.

4. The shed/shed roof design

Roof constructions in KenyaThe Shed/Skillion roof design. Photo:
Source: UGC

The shed, also known as the skillion, is one of the best styles of roofing in Kenya. Creation and installation is straightforward as the pent roof slopes in one direction. There is nothing more to add to the design and the simplicity makes your home look elegant without much effort.

Don’t even think about installing this roof if you live in an area where it’s prone to heavy rains or snowfall as it might provide enough shelter. The hood is also not recommended in windy areas, as there is a risk of it being blown away.

5. Gambrel design

Roof constructions in KenyaGambrel roof construction. Photo: @Home Stratosphere
Source: UGC

Although most Kenyans would not opt ​​for a gambrel roof design, it is considered to be one of the finest and most sophisticated roof shapes. Also called a barn roof, the structure has two slopes on each side, with the lower slope being steeper than the upper.

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This style of roofing is great for someone looking for extra space and extra headroom in the attic. It is a standard farmhouse and barn design. Unfortunately, due to the intricate construction of the roof, it can be expensive to build.

6. Mansard roof construction

Roof constructions in KenyaThe elegant mansard roof construction. Photo: @Buffalo Homes
Source: UGC

You will hardly see this roof design in Kenya but some homes have opted for it and it looks stunning. The roof covering, also known as a French roof, is a multi-sided, gambrel-style hipped roof with two slopes on each side. The lower sloping roof is steeper than the upper one and often has dormer windows.

The benefit of this roof is that it maximizes attic space and provides an easy way to add more floors to a building without additional brickwork.

7. Saltbox roof design

Roof constructions in KenyaSaltbox roof design. Photo: @HouseStyles
Source: Youtube

Some consider the saltbox design to be the best roof shape. However, it is not very common in Kenya, but there are always isolated cases where builders have chosen to use this as inspiration to build a custom design.

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The main feature of the salt box roof is that it is easily recognizable. The roof construction is ideal for areas with a lot of rain. Instead of being symmetrical, the roof is much longer on one side. In two- and three-storey houses, the long side of the roof extends to the first floor. Another thing that makes the salt box look incredible is the chimney that sticks out in the middle.

8. Butterfly Roof Design

Roof constructions in KenyaModern butterfly roof design. Photo: @ZWANE ARCHITECTS
Source: Youtube

If you are looking for the best 3 bedroom roof designs in Kenya, consider the butterfly design. The roof style is V-shaped with two slants meeting in a central valley, mimicking butterfly wings.

The design has been gaining popularity lately and is loved by many for its eye-catching looks. However, unlike other simple designs, butterfly roofs can be expensive to build.

9. Dormer roof

Roof constructions in KenyaA house with a dormer roof. Photo: @TrebID
Source: Youtube

A dormer roof has a vertical window attached to the roof. And this vertical roof can be of any style: hip roof, gable roof, shed roof, etc. The window provides the perfect lighting of the attic. Another great thing about a dormer window is that it is an ideal solution to increase the space and create extra space in your home without having to turn on the bricklayer. There’s also more headroom.

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10. Curved roof design

Roof constructions in KenyaA house with a curved roof. Photo @WAY OUT WEST
Source: Youtube

A curved design is not one of the cheap roof designs in Kenya, but it is something to consider for its elegance. As the name suggests, the unique design features a gently curved shape that gives your home a modern and artistic look.

Another great advantage of the curved roof design is that you can use different roofing materials like metal, wood and concrete. The roof construction is suitable for residential and commercial buildings.

There are numerous impressive roof designs that you can choose if you are interested in giving your home a great look while providing the obligatory protective function. And the easiest way to get started is by looking at the current trends of the latest roof designs in Kenya. You will definitely find something suitable.

The roof is one of the most critical areas of your home and should be made of the best material. published an informative article about the different roofing membranes and their prices in Kenya.

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One thing about roofing membranes is that if you want the best you have to spend more as the sturdiest cost more. So which roofing membranes are of the best quality in Kenya?

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