Five Eco-Friendly & Efficient Roofing Ideas You Should Consider

Five Eco-Friendly & Efficient Roofing Ideas You Should Consider

Rooftops are designed to house, protect, and provide security to homes and businesses across the country. However, rooftops and the way New York residents and business owners treat their roofs have evolved into something more meaningful than just shelter protection. The year is 2023 and people have started to look beyond themselves and their own needs when it comes to their home or place of business. With global warming and emissions increasing, you can consider an eco-friendly and smart roof covering for almost every aspect of your life.

Whether you’re in the middle of a new build or just looking to upgrade to a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly home, your roofing materials can have a huge impact on how your home impacts the environment around you. Checking with a local New York roofing company can help you make decisions about these innovative materials and explore your options, budget and more. Working with professionals helps create a roof that will pay off in the long run and serve your household well.

1. Synthetic Shaking Clapboards

Shingles are one of the classic, original forms of roofing material, but recently synthetic shingles have also appeared. They are made from different materials than traditional shingle shingles, making them far more durable, reliable, long-lasting, laser resistant, and fire and impact resistant. Not to mention that this is actually one of the more environmentally friendly choices when choosing your canopy.

Synthetic clapboards create an energy efficient home by providing good insulation and creating an environment where homeowners are not constantly dependent on their heating and cooling systems. The best thing about these clapboards is that they require little to no maintenance and are easily accessible and affordable – making eco-friendly materials more readily available to everyone!

2. Cool roof

A cool roof has literally become the cool option for eco-friendly roof solutions and is becoming increasingly popular. These roofs are made from a mix of gravel and white clay that is designed to reflect the sun’s rays and control the amount of heat or cold entering your home. Its materials are designed to cool the roof and create a home that doesn’t rely on heating, air conditioning, and electrical systems.

A chilled roof lasts much longer than a traditional roof, but it’s not always the most logical choice. If you’re in the city – it might be something to forego because unless you have a large roof that’s constantly exposed to the sun – inventing the installation of a cooling roof might not be the most noteworthy thing for your wallet, and neither is it the most conventional or practical choice for your homestead.

3. Metal, clay or slate roofing materials

Metal, clay, and slate roofing options are made from recycled materials and used to adequately protect and insulate homes and businesses. Metal roofs are solid, sturdy and durable and are designed to reflect the sun much like cool roofs without the same price tag. Mud roofing has been used for thousands of years because the material allows hot air to move rather than being trapped within the material.

Clay can be presented in all different colors and textures to add appeal and personality to the curb. Slate roofs are very energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Reliable, durable and affordable, slate tiles protect against fire and other elements. These materials represent an alternative to what used to be – as it evolves, every aspect of the building will evolve to conserve energy and create more self-sufficient living spaces and practical roofs.

4. Solar roof

Solar roofs have been around for a while; Recently, it has been pushed and promoted more than before. Humans have left a massive global footprint, and reversing that impact will take more than just solar panels — but it’s a good start. New York homeowners have stumbled upon the solar rush, and the popularity of solar energy has continued to grow.

Solar panels need to be installed by professionals on your existing tiles and help generate energy and power for the entire business or household. Solar roofs are designed as long-term solutions, require little maintenance and keep your home energized! It’s certainly not the cheapest option, but there are tax breaks and when it comes to sustainability, there’s little better than solar.

5. Living roof

One of the more unique options when it comes to roofing has to be a living roof. It’s essentially a garden on your roof – a living thing that allows homeowners and business owners alike to create an ecosystem out of their space. It’s a real statement piece – it boosts both thermal efficiency and air quality.

Residential rooftops aren’t that common in central New York or New Jersey; Slowly but surely, they are being recognized as a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative for roofs, and in 2024 we should all embrace change. No matter what type of roof you think is best for you, get advice from a local Our roofing company will help you make the perfect decision and get the best results.

Smart Roofers NY serves the Big Apple, Garden State and adjacent areas to provide reliable roofing solutions and eco-friendly options for homes and businesses. Smart roofs are the only way to get things done and when it comes to building a home, modernizing a business or just making a difference – given the environment and the great earth we are all privileged to be life.