A+ Roofing Tips from APEX Roofing: Chimneys

A+ Roofing Tips from APEX Roofing: Chimneys

Welcome to another edition of A+ Roofing Tips from APEX Roofing!

Today’s topic is all about chimneys. Along with the roof and foundation, the chimney can cause expensive repairs/remodeling.

chimney caps

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a chimney cap is “a device placed at the top of a chimney to improve airflow by presenting an exit opening to the leeward side”.

If your chimney cap is upside down like a bird bath, water will sit up there and rust the cap! This is one of the reasons why it is important to make sure that flashing is installed. With no flashing installed at the intersection of the roof and chimney, water has a direct entry into the home during rain or snow. Because of the materials your brick chimney is made of, it is also susceptible to water damage.

fireplace grilling

A chimney grille is an inclined support that directs water away from the chimney and over the roof. A roofer builds a roof grille out of wood and then adds sheet metal or asphalt shingles.

You can watch this short chimney cap information video on our APEX Roofing YouTube channel: