A+ Roofing Tips from APEX Roofing: Attic Ventilation


Attic insulation is the primary method home builders use to prevent heat from entering your home. This works great when the insulation is new, but over time, excess attic heat and moisture will dissipate and the insulation will compact, making it less effective at retaining heat. So why is attic ventilation important?

Insulation will work better

Attic Breeze helps extend the life of your attic insulation by continuously removing heat and moisture from the attic throughout the day. By lowering the average temperature in the attic, your insulation will actually work better and become more effective at reducing heat transfer into your home. When heat transfer is reduced, the result is a more comfortable home that uses less energy to cool.

It extends the life of your roof

As the temperature of your roof increases throughout the day, shingles release heat to both the surrounding outside air and the attic. The more heat the shingles can dissipate, the lower the resulting roof temperature.

However, if an attic is poorly ventilated, the air inside becomes so hot that heat transfer from the roof is slowed, increasing the temperature of the clapboards even further. This excessive heat build-up can ruin roof shingles over time, causing them to warp and deteriorate prematurely.

Attic Breeze solves this problem by continuously removing trapped hot air from the attic, allowing your roof to emit the maximum amount of heat possible. A cooler roof means your shingles will last longer and you’ll save money.

HVAC is more efficient

You may be surprised to know that your HVAC system’s efficiency rating (SEER rating) is only valid at 77°F.

As operating temperatures increase, the actual SEER rating of your HVAC system decreases. For homes that have HVAC equipment installed in the attic, the hotter your attic gets due to heat build-up, your cooling system will use more energy to operate.

Attic Breeze extracts heat and lowers the attic temperature, allowing your HVAC system to run more efficiently and using less energy to cool your home. The less your HVAC equipment requires to operate, the more money you save on cooling costs and equipment repairs.

Why use Attic Breeze vs. other Attic fans?

Attic Breeze Solar Attic Fans are premium, professional ventilation products. Other companies may market themselves as offering a professional product, but what does that really mean?

We believe that a professional product should be built to last a lifetime. It should be able to withstand the harshest imaginable weather conditions, intense summer heat, year after year and still function exactly as it was designed. These are not the foreign-made retail products you might find in a “big box” store.

Professional quality means never using plastic (polymer) parts that degrade in the sun or warp over time from heat. And most importantly, we believe that professional quality means manufacturing in the USA from the highest quality domestic and foreign materials, even if it means our products may cost a little more to manufacture. At Attic Breeze, we don’t just raise the bar, we are the bar.

Last but not least there is an amazing tax credit, as tax credits are hard to find anymore this is very helpful! Call us at APEX Roofing at 512-660-4859 for a free Attic Breeze estimate! We are the #1 Certified Installer Here in Central Texas! Stay tuned for our next A+ roof tip from APEX Roofing!

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