The Voice Behind Mario Movie’s ‘Plumbing Commercial Lady’ Has Been Revealed


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Remember when we were all speculating about roles and cameos in Illumination Super Mario Bros. Movie? Well, one of the movie’s biggest mysteries has been solved now that we know who the voice for the lady in the Super Mario Bros. plumber commercial is. And it’s not what many suspected.

A teaser for the film — which was a commercial for the Mario brothers’ new plumbing company — was released during the Super Bowl back in February, which featured a new rendition of the theme for the film Super Mario Bros. Super Show. But that wasn’t what everyone was listening to, as many thought the woman in the commercial was voiced by none other than Jeannie Alias, the voice of Princess Toadstool (aka Princess Peach) in the 1989 cartoon.

But now we know it isn’t, as the true voice behind the mystery woman revealed the truth herself. The voice belongs to none other than Jessica DiCicco, a celebrity voice actress whose most notable roles include Lucy and Lynn Loud The noisy house and the flame princess enter adventure time. speaker and Muppet Babies Co-star Matt Danner recognized the voice, tagging DiCicco in the process. And the Voice confirmed it himself, sharing a clip from an interview with KCAL News:

You found me! I voiced the mystery lady in the SMB Plumbing commercials. Secret revealed!! @MattyDanner #SuperMarioMovie— Jessica DiCicco (@jessicadicicco) April 19, 2023

However, DiCicco doesn’t just play the lady in the commercial. She has a variety of roles in the film, including Mario and Luigi’s mother, one of their cousins ​​and the yellow Toadstool (who says, “We’re adorable!”).

It would have been cool to hear that Alias ​​was getting a cameo role in the film, but at least we’re glad the mystery has been solved. A lot of people were convinced it was Alias, and if we look back at our February poll, 28% of your dear readers were convinced it was, while another 40% at least agreed with the idea. Congratulations to the 5% who said no!

Are you a fan of DiCicco’s work? Did you like her role in the Mario movie? Let us know.

[Thanks to reader Mario500 for the tip!]


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