Prevent fall plumbing problems with summer storm drain maintenance

Prevent fall plumbing problems with summer storm drain maintenance
Prevent fall plumbing problems with summer storm drain maintenance

Harts Services, a leading plumbing provider to homeowners throughout the Pacific Northwest, offers seasonal tips for keeping drains and pipes clear during renewed heavy rains

TACOMA, Washington., May 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Harts Services, a premier Pacific Northwest plumbing and electrical company founded in 2013, is reminding homeowners to properly maintain outdoor stormwater drains this summer to prevent unexpected backlogs during renewed heavy rains.

In addition to clogging with debris and debris, tree roots pose a serious threat to pipes and drains during the summer months. During the dry season, root systems spread underground in search of water and nutrients. Unfortunately, these roots often clog drainpipes and stormwater drains, resulting in uncomfortable and potentially dangerous clogs.

“When the weather is nice and sunny, it’s easy to miss the sewer,” he said Richard Hart, co-owner of Harts Services. “But continuing to keep an eye on your drain and pipes in the summer will reduce the risk of clogs and other potentially awkward situations during the rainy season later this year.”

Hart recommends the following steps for maintaining a clear stormwater runoff:

  • Keep the grate clear: Check your drain regularly and remove branches, grass, litter and other debris to allow the drain to flow freely.
  • Keep the drain clean: Most of the water that enters storm sewers goes directly into streams, streams, and rivers. Take extra precautions to keep potential contaminants out of the drain by properly disposing of liquids used for vehicle maintenance, pool and spa maintenance, landscaping, or pest control.
  • Consider having your storm drain cleaned professionally: Call a professional if there are any obvious clogs or clogs. Heavy grates, deep drains, and possible biological hazards, including chemicals and animal waste, pose serious potential risks. Plumbing professionals have the expertise, training, and equipment to ensure their safety.
  • Arrange a video inspection: Experts can find a safe and permanent solution with the help of a professional video inspection to reveal root damage as well as corrosion and sediment build-up.

“Trees are amazing, but their root systems can wreak havoc on the pipes and drains that feed your home,” he said Richard Hart, co-owner of Harts Services. “They are active in the summer and can grow very quickly. Even if you didn’t have a problem last year, that doesn’t mean your storm drain or sewage pipes won’t get clogged or affected during the rainy season this year.” Fall. It pays to invest in identifying problems now to prevent a messy situation later.”

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Prevent fall plumbing problems with summer storm drain maintenance