Managing risks in delayed plumbing and drainage projects

Managing risks in delayed plumbing and drainage projects

At a time when the construction industry is booming, high demand for new homes has resulted in construction delays and higher-than-expected costs for homeowners.

Sometimes delays are due to poor planning, mistakes during the design process, or insufficient manpower and resources; In other cases, delays are caused by sudden supply chain disruptions and shortages of construction products and materials.

Risk management in sanitation projects

When it comes to drainage, choosing the right design can reduce complexity and installation times, helping you meet project schedules. A case in point is the choice between traditional center drains and line drains.

Traditional center drains are installed in the center of the shower (or other relevant space) with the floors sloping into the center from all four sides. This increases the workload as more tiles need to be cut at an angle to achieve the slope on all sides. Because of this, central drains are more complex and labor intensive, requiring more cutting, waste, and time calculating angles for installation.

In terms of installation time, linear drains generally take less than half the time to install compared to traditional drains and require minimal tile cutting. They only require a single drop into the ground and require less debris on the ground. In addition, they offer more options for arranging plumbing and waterproofing.

Lauxes gratings are lightweight and easy to handle, ensuring quick and efficient installation. All gratings can be adjusted on site, saving time and money and preventing project delays. Lauxes grates are available in longer lengths (up to 5.6m) making them ideal for larger jobs, unlike stainless steel grates which come in shorter lengths and need to be joined together to form a longer one. These qualities make these grates ideal for any project, from small residential buildings to large scale industrial developments.

Fast delivery and comprehensive support

The experienced team of industry experts at Lauxes Grates are aware of the current challenges faced by plumbing and drainage professionals and are happy to answer any questions or offer options for any type of application/installation. Products are readily available through our extensive dealer network in Australia and New Zealand with over 2,000 dealers across the region.