Man Convicted And Ordered To Pay $57k For Unauthorised Plumbing And Drainlaying

Man Convicted And Ordered To Pay k For Unauthorised Plumbing And Drainlaying

A Wellington man was convicted today in Hutt Valley District Court of unlicensed plumbing and drainage work on 12 properties from November 2019 to December 2021.

Faamanu Anae, was present at the court for sentencing. The court heard testimonies from victims about how Anae’s behavior caused stress and affected her mental health.

Anae was ordered to pay his victims $57,297.06 in reparations.

Plumbing, gas fitting and drainage are regulated industries in New Zealand and it is illegal to carry out these jobs unless authorized by the Board to do so. The main purpose of the committee is to protect public health and safety by ensuring competent people perform plumbing, gas installation and drainage work.

Chief Executive Officer Aleyna Hall expressed her dismay at the unnecessary hardship this has caused to people who thought they were hiring a qualified practitioner. “It is very disappointing that Mr Anae has taken advantage of a community’s trust and safety. Plumbing, gas installation and drainage work are regulated in New Zealand to ensure public health and safety.”

“I would like to remind business and homeowners to check who is working on their properties to see if they are licensed to do so. Before hiring a plumber, gas fitter or pipe fitter, it’s a good idea to check our register to see if they’re authorized to do the job,” says Aleyna Hall.

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