Council green-lights hotel, heating and plumbing shop

Council green-lights hotel, heating and plumbing shop

Zone changes for 32 Oakland Blvd and 20 Lisbon Road were approved at Monday’s meeting

Elliot Lake City Council gave the green light to zoning changes on two separate lots that would pave the way for a hotel and a heating and plumbing business that would include public storage.

The approvals, granted at the council’s regular meeting Monday night after an earlier public meeting, included a plan by a numbered company in St Catharines to convert a vacant school building at 20 Lisbon Road into a 60-room hotel, and a plan by Elliot Lake heating and cooling for the onshore shop and storage area at 32 Oakland Boulevard near the ski hill.

JL Richards town planner Sarah Vereault recommended that the council both approve the rezoning applications while noting that approval would allow for the types of businesses to be built on both sites.

The potential impact on Oakland Blvd. The plan would be to obtain the results of a Stage 1 environmental study of a former landfill site on an adjacent property to determine if leachate is affecting the property. The city is currently conducting this study. The property is empty and is currently used as a truck parking lot next to the ski slope road.

Oakland Blvd. The property includes a shop with 2,400 heating and cooling units and an 800-square-foot public warehouse, according to Vereault.

The Lisbon Road hotel would have 60 rooms, a restaurant, gift shop, terrace area and gym, the planner said.

Councilor Rick Bull asked if the community’s neighbors were aware of the plan. He was told letters had been sent to neighbors within 120 meters of the property and no comments or concerns had been received about the plan.

Both amendments were accepted.