Chelsea: ‘A miserable season is plumbing new depths’

Chelsea: ‘A miserable season is plumbing new depths’

Lucy Oliva, BBC Radio London

With Chelsea trailing 3-0 with the first 34 minutes at the Emirates Stadium last night, their spectacular collapse seemed like they’d written a page out of bitter rivals Tottenham’s book.

But unfortunately, unlike Spurs, they showed no heart, character or will to really get back into the game. Noni Madueke’s second-half goal was only consolation for yet another miserable chapter in a season that continues to plumb new depths.

How have things progressed to the point where, with five games left of this woeful season, they somehow need to pick up 11 points to even match their worst Premier League season point total?

Considering it took them 15 games to get their last 11 points, it feels like a fantasy to claim they’ll be able to salvage it all – especially considering that they still have to play against three of the top four in the Premier League!

So much of what has happened this season has been attributed to off-field disruptions, teething problems under a new owner and the influx of players to a bloated roster.

But the lack of direction, leadership and cohesion both on and off the pitch seems to suggest that the ‘makeover’ needed at Stamford Bridge could be more of an extensive restoration than the few superficial touch-ups fans might have expected.

The rumored arrival of Mauricio Pochettino brings us back to Spurs comparisons and whether the Argentine can do what he did in north London and take a team found in the wild to the next level.

It has become abundantly clear that Chelsea cannot rely solely on the perceived talent of its top-flight superstar players – and that fundamental change is needed if the club is to return to its former glory.