Camberwell Plumbing Company Zebra Plumbing Offers Solutions for Blocked Drain, Toilet, And Sewer Problems



Released May 22, 2023

Hawthorn, Victoria –

Zebra Plumbing, a rising name in Melbourne’s domestic plumbing industry, is helping homeowners in Camberwell understand why drains clog, how to prevent it and what to do if the problem already exists. For more information, readers can visit

There is no reason for the drains in your home to get clogged. A common cause is the gradual accumulation of debris such as hair, soap scum, and food debris. As these substances gradually build up in the pipes, they impede the flow of water and eventually cause a clog. Single-family homes with plants on the property can also experience clogged drains as tree roots move toward sources of moisture and enter the drainpipes, causing clogs.

In addition, improper disposal of items such as grease, toiletries, or excess toilet paper can also lead to clogs. Finally, structural problems such as insufficient pipe slope, damage to the pipes due to inclement weather or simply old age, or foreign objects accidentally flushed down the toilet are also some of the reasons why a home’s sewage system can become clogged.

“The best way to prevent clogged drains is to be mindful of your home’s plumbing system,” said Byron Slabbert, founder and spokesperson for Zebra Plumbing. “For example, fats, oils and leftover food should never be poured down the drain but should be disposed of in some other way. Also, make sure drain guards or strainers are installed to catch debris before it enters the pipes. Finally, using plenty of water to flush your drains and using good quality drain cleaners regularly can also help keep your drains in peak condition.”

Clogged drains, if left unattended for too long, can lead to several problems, the least of which is disrupting the homeowner’s daily routine. Water that accumulates over time can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold and become a health hazard. In addition, standing water can also seep into surrounding walls and building materials, compromising the structural integrity of the home.

Byron Slabbert gives homeowners in Camberwell advice on the steps to take when struggling with clogged drains, saying: “We understand how scary a plumbing problem can be.” find a solution to the problem before it causes any more damage. If water has accumulated in the shower, sink or toilet, we recommend that you do not reach for it with a plunger and hope to fix the problem yourself. It could end up being a short-term fix as the real problem could be far more serious than it seems. Instead, we strongly encourage you to rely on professionals for a permanent plumbing solution. At Zebra Plumbing, our 24-hour plumbing services with quick response times are just what you need to fix your home’s drainage.”

The fully licensed and insured Melbourne based company has received nothing but praise for its plumbing services. A full list is available at On its Google Business profile, the company gets a perfect overall rating of 5.0 out of 5.0 from over 67 reviews. Customers thank the company’s plumbing team for their professionalism, timely turnaround times, and affordable prices.

A Google review describes the company’s handling of a clogged drain: “I recently had to hire a plumber to fix a shower drain problem that I’ve had for months. I contacted Zebra Plumbing on the eve of a long weekend and was able to get service the same day. Byron was friendly, knowledgeable and transparent and resolved my issue immediately. I know that finding a good, honest and trustworthy plumber is always a fluke, so you’ve come to the right place at Zebra Plumbing. I will be using them for all my future plumbing needs!”

Melbourne homeowners can contact Zebra Plumbing on 1300 033 468 to arrange emergency plumbing service in Camberwell. For more details see


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