Building, plumbing top wanted jobs, say developers

Building, plumbing top wanted jobs, say developers

Landscape Architects, Contractors and Plumbers have been identified as highly skilled and in-demand jobs that are needed in the real estate industry on a daily basis.

Other jobs in demand include tillers, electricians, roofers, carpenters and welders, according to an article by the Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria.

It has been claimed that the need for skilled trades jobs has been greatly impacted by the rapid growth in the construction industry and the need to provide more housing. It revealed that site engineers are ready to employ more craftsmen on construction sites with the support of better funds from investors.

It found that some of the skills needed to succeed include creativity, planning, physical stamina, problem-solving skills, understanding of technical documents, and basic mathematical accuracy.

It said: “As the world changes, the need for skilled trade jobs has increased. These trades are almost always in demand because we depend on making our daily work on the construction site easier and better.

“A career in the skilled trades industry can open up a world of opportunity for the individual who chooses to pursue this path.”

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