Port Washington couple opens C&J Appliance Repair Service

Port Washington couple opens C&J Appliance Repair Service

Today is supposed to be like any other day. Then you wake up and your fridge is warm.

Then the crazy scramble happens.

The C&J Appliance Repair Service will be happy to help you. Craig and Jennifer Malterer are the owners of this new company. However, Craig has over 30 years of experience repairing home appliances and recently felt it was time to start a business.

Two of Craig’s sisters own their own businesses so it’s safe to say it’s becoming a family tradition. The Malterers live in Port Washington, so they’re local residents. Craig is a graduate of Claymont High School and Jennifer is from Indian Valley.

C&J Appliance Repair Service travels within a 30 mile radius of Port Washington to service appliances.

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Please tell us a little about your family and what you enjoy in your free time.

We have four beautiful daughters: Lauren (dental hygienist), Lindsay (majoring in physical therapy from Cleveland State University), Hannah (medical assistant) and Abby (majoring in nursing from the University of Akron). We are currently planning the weddings of two of our daughters and are delighted to add two sons, Zane and Sean.

In our free time we enjoy family gatherings, parties, hunting and woodwork.

What brands and types of devices do you service?

We service all brands, but no commercial devices. Specialties include refrigerators, stoves, ranges, microwaves, dishwashers, washers and dryers.

What skills set you apart from other home appliance repair shops?

Our customer service is based on being friendly, honest and reliable.

We relish the challenges of figuring out the problem and making it so our customers don’t have to buy new ones unless it’s necessary. Often problems with your devices can be fixed easily and simply.

Older devices tend to be better built and maybe not as complex as what you can buy as replacements. Sometimes all the more multifaceted; the more maintenance problems arise.

In addition, we find that familiarity is key, especially for family members using the devices. This is mainly the case with stoves, stoves or stoves. You already know how it works, the accuracy of your cooking times and more.

Also, by repairing instead of buying new, you are most likely supporting a local small business owner.

What would you like us to highlight?

Some of you may remember the old Maytag commercials from the 1970s and 1980s featuring the Maytag repairman. He was a constant lone worker because the Maytag washers and dryers of the time lasted so long and nobody ever called him for help. We understand that today this is not always the case and that is why we are here to make it easier for you to deal with these problems.

We’re excited to offer device repairs to the community. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time. For many years to come, C&J Appliance Repair Service looks forward to being the company you call when you find that an appliance isn’t working properly. In most cases we can bring the device back to life and happy customers are our priority.

For more information about the company, call 330-432-5918 or email craigmalterer@gmail.com.